On November 22, 1996, the inventor of CPAP PRO was diagnosed as suffering from severe sleep apnea. He knew absolutely nothing about this prevalent sleep disorder other than the use of CPAP masks was most uncomfortable. Several of his friends had given up on the treatment of their sleep apnea symptoms due to the extreme discomfort.

Recognizing the severe health risks inherent in not following his doctor's orders, he faithfully persevered in the nightly use of CPAP. However, within a very short period of time the pain and irritation became unbearable. In trying to find some relief he purchased every available face mask and eagerly awaited the arrival of the next highly touted CPAP miracle mask, unfortunately to no avail. CPAP became so intolerable that nightly he would put Xylocaine around his nose and take several Advil hoping to fall asleep before the pain became too severe. This tortuous experience became unendurable and regardless of his doctor's warnings he stopped using CPAP, since at this stage, he was more than willing to suffer the possible consequences.

Finally, as an inventor of several successful products within the packaging industry, he started to ponder the problems of designing a superior, more comfortable nasal interface... thus after four years of effort CPAP PRO® was created. After additional years of testing, extensive research and the actual use of cpap for over twelve years, he has brought to market these unique products that could only be developed by an actual sleep apnea patient to enhance the effectiveness of the cpap regimen.