Stop the tangles! Your patients can get a great nights sleep without getting tangled in their CPAP hose. The "Over-The-Head" hose holder is easy to install and it can be attached or removed without damage to the wall surface. A unique swivel action follows the body as you sleep keeping the hose up and away no matter the sleeping position. Works with most every CPAP hose and requires no drilling or glueing.
The CPAP Hose Holder is the solution to expensive 'Hose-Buddy' type CPAP devices. Your patients can twist and turn during the night and the CPAP hose will be safely held up and out of the way.

Individually boxed in a retail package the Hose Holder is an extremely profitable accessory item.
ACTIPRO® is a cool water cleanser ideal for all heat sensitive dental appliances including the SLEEPSAVER®, APNEAPAP®, and CPAP PRO® products. With regular use ACTIPRO® extends the life of Boil 'n Bite Mouthpieces, night guards, and dentures. It easily dissolves tough stains, controls odors, sanitizes, and keeps mouthpieces extra fresh and clean.
When mixed with cool water ACTIPRO® takes about 15 minutes to effectively clean most mouthpieces. ACTIPRO® is concentrated for maximum hygiene and leaves the mouthpiece clean and minty. One bottle will last on average 60 days. Individually boxed for retail sale. Trial samples of ACTIPRO® are included with most all Stevenson Industries, Inc. line of CPAP products.
Severe cuts to medicare, private insurance, and additional overhead have reduced profits.
The CPAP Hose Holder and ACTIPRO®are easy ways to gain back lost profits.

Both units are professionally packaged for retail sales at price points that
make quick and easy profits for your business or practice.
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