STOP The Pain
STOP The Discomfort

Invented by a severe sleep apnea patient who could not stand the traditional CPAP masks on the market, CPAP PRO® was designed to break free from traditional CPAP delivery. Without annoying straps or headgear, CPAP PRO® makes the use of CPAP more tolerable by eliminating the pain, sores and claustrophobic panic feelings of conventional CPAP breathing devices and CPAP machines.
End Their Torture And Free Your Patients From CPAP Masks!
No Headgear And No Straps
Lightweight And Sturdy
Whisper Quiet Performance
Works Will All Major PAP Machines
Designed Exclusively For Comfort
Stays In Position Even If Mouth Opens
Latex Free & Hypoallergenic
Allows A Wide Range Of Sleeping Positions
Provides A Custom Fit To Every user
Simple At-Home Setup
Infinitely Adjustable For A Perfect Fit
Prevents Air Seal Leaks And Gaps
Easy To Clean And Maintain
Comprehensive & Profitable Parts Program

Our full page brochure provides patients with quick information of the benefits of the CPAP PRO® product. Or... patients can visit to view the same detailed information online.

CPAP PRO® comes in a professionally designed, full color, retail style box. Bright graphics and concise text make it stand out on a shelf or in a display case. UPC coded for POS systems.

Fully illustrated with simple instructions. The detailed manual has easy to follow instructions to walk patients through the simple 'At-Home' preparation for the CPAP PRO® as well as user tips for easy fit and adjustment.
Severe cuts to medicare, private insurance, and additional overhead have reduced profits.
The CPAP PRO®is an easy way to gain back lost profits.

The CPAP PRO is *HCPS coded as A7034 which provides you with the ability to
obtain significant reimbursements through private insurance.

*A7034 Nasal Interface Or Mask Used with Positive Airway Pressure Device.
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FDA Cleared Medical Device