Provide your patients with products that improve their life, their health, and keep them CPAP compliant. Proven and tested products that are already in use by thousands of patients.
Increase your profitability and revenue for your business or practice. FDA approved, beautifully packaged, and HCPS coded means an easy sell, with significant reimbursements, and increased profits for you.
The Perfect Solution For
CPAP Open Mouth Breathers
SLEEPSAVER® provides your patients the comfort to sleep peacefully. No more chin straps or the need for full face masks while also increasing CPAP effectiveness by preventing open mouth breathing. A proven, FDA cleared CPAP accessory that is beneficial to every CPAP user.
Combining CPAP & Mandibular Advancement
A breakthrough in the treatment of Sleep Apnea! CPAP combined with a Mandibular Dental Appliance provides patients with extremely effective, comfortable therapy. Test results indicate an average reduction in required pressures as much as 39.36% assuring increase compliance!
HCPS:A7034  HCPS:E0485
No Mask | No Straps | No Headgear
The revolutionary CPAP product that changed CPAP delivery. In use and cheered by thousands of satisfied users. The CPAP PRO liberated patients from painful masks, straps, and headgear. Infinitely adjustable and easy at-home setup by the patient makes it the perfect 'No Mask' CPAP solution.
CPAP Hose Holder and ACTIPRO Dental Cleanser For CPAP Users
CPAP hose tangles are a thing of the past. Our "Over-The-Head" hose holder moves the CPAP hose up and out of the way. Installs in seconds.

ACTIPRO is a simple but effective cool water dental cleanser that makes cleaning dental mouthpieces extremely easy. Requires nothing but cool water.